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On orgasms, ejaculations, and more…

Before diving into the mindset and philosophy of becoming multiorgasmic, let’s clarify a few things. Typically, when people mention orgasms, they think of ejaculatory orgasms for men and explosive orgasms involving clitoral stimulation for women. However, these are just climactic experiences, and there is an infinite range of orgasmic experiences you can have, such as squirting, cervical, nipple, or even throat orgasms.

The scientific consensus states that ejaculation and orgasm are not mutually exclusive, meaning you can ejaculate without experiencing an orgasm or vice versa. When you learn how to cultivate and work with your sexual energy, you can start experiencing full-body, mind-blowing orgasmic experience without the usual climactic release.

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The Philosophy Behind multiple orgasms

The key to becoming multiorgasmic before any practice or training is understanding that orgasms are not a destination or goal but rather a spectrum. 

This means looking at your entire sexual experience as one big orgasmic unfolding without a specific goal. It’s essential to grasp this concept. Otherwise, we mistakenly replace one performance-oriented goal (reaching an orgasm) with another (having multiple orgasms).

The Spectrum of Erotic Aliveness – multiorgasmic life

From the orgasmic experience of birth to the orgasmic experience of death, the climactic events on the spectrum of your life, everything that happens in between, and every experience you have, is somewhere on the spectrum of orgasmic aliveness. 

That is if you choose to see it this way. 

Think of the human experience on a scale ranging from things like apathy and depression, in other words, experiences with low levels of aliveness, to the most blissful human experiences, such as the sweetness of being in love or even the extreme bliss of certain types of spiritual awakening or a union with the divine.

Experiences that are explored in depth in all the wisdom traditions and mystical paths. States of being so intensely blissful they can almost lift you out of your body. 

Any sensory experience in your life is somewhere on that spectrum, and each experience is an expression of aliveness, of the creative force of life being felt by you, as you.

Being connected to this current of erotic aliveness is seeing life and yourself not as s set of problems that need solving but rather as a perfect unfolding of aliveness. The realization that life does not happen to you but that life is you.

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The multiorgasmic experience

In much the same way, when it comes to lovemaking, orgasms and sexual bliss are not about “doing it right” or having a specific experience but rather opening up to anything and everything that comes up.

A climax or a difficult trauma response, ecstatic pleasure or frustration, and shame are all orgasmic experiences on the spectrum of aliveness, directing you and leading you to experience even more aliveness, showing you what needs your attention and love.

Such openness allows you to follow the natural flow of pleasure instead of some idea of what you think should be or how this sexual moment should look like. 

This is a very deep realization and a way of carrying yourself through life and through every sexual interaction that will not only help you become the best lover you can be but help you navigate your entire living experience on entirely new levels of love and playful orgasmic joy. 

Multiorgasmic practice #1: Live sensually.

One incredible way to become multiorgasmic and practice being in tune with the current of erotic aliveness is by treating your life more sensually. 

Pay attention to how you move, eat, breathe, and experience the world around you. 

Cultivate a deep intimacy and connection with your body and life.

Focus on the sensory experiences of your body and the emotional vibrations experienced by your nervous system at all times by inviting remembrance, presence, and a sense of play.

Spending more time in nature is also an incredible way to cultivate and connect to the erotic aliveness in you. I don’t know about you, but when I spend time in nature (preferably naked, i am naturally feeling more sensual, inspired, and turned on.

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Multiorgasmic practice #2: forget about “orgasms.”

When in sexual interactions, set your intention on mutual playful exploration with your partner, focusing on amplifying each other’s pleasure and love without being fixated on reaching an orgasm. 

Take your time to connect emotionally, energetically, and physically in a variety of ways before getting to vaginal penetration and oral sex

Learn to enjoy the palpable sensations of desire, anticipation, and erotic sensual play by themselves without the agenda and pressure to go “somewhere.” 

This creates the necessary spaciousness for experiencing different types of orgasms through your entire physical and emotional body rather than only through your genitals. 

P.S. Don’t be a selfish lover, though…

It’s important to clarify that what I am staying here is not about being a selfish lover who only cares about their own pleasure and is insensitive to their partner’s feedback, and can’t take directions.

Nor am I saying that the “usual” climactic orgasmic experiences you are used to are not enough in any way!

This is simply an invitation to come together for a dance, a play, or a mutual exploration that aims to create more aliveness, empowerment, and healing for everyone involved. 

This approach allows you to follow your pleasure and joy in every moment instead of focusing on performance. It frees you from the fixation on making your partner orgasm for validation and allows you to experience who you both are sexually in the most authentic and vulnerable way.

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Multiorgasmic practice #3 – Surf the Waves of Your Sexual Energy

Another powerful way to become multiorgasmic and expand your orgasmic potential is learning how to “surf the waves of your sexual energy.” 

Most of us are used to seeking a release the moment we feel aroused, which is by no means bad. Ejaculation and clitoral explosive orgasms are a great way to regulate each other nervous system, wind down and celebrate pleasure!

This practice is about experimenting and learning to intensify and amplify sexual energy, moving it intentionally around your body and using it in creative ways in your daily activities. 

This is especially powerful for men, who often experience premature ejaculation, which in my book, means ejaculating any time before you decide to and feel like it.  

Experiment with ejaculating less often

A phenomenal practice for surfing the waves of your sexual energy is to try not to ejaculate for a few days at a time while still being sexually active. 

Try having sex with a partner or doing self-pleasure multiple times over a few days without necessarily reaching completion. 

Play with not ejaculating every time you make love or self-pleasure, and give yourself self-pleasure sessions that focus on exploring your body without necessarily reaching completion.

Take the sexual energy that is alive in your body and use it in other areas of your life, like

bringing it to your creative pursuits or your work. Keep carrying, intensifying, and feeling that energy in your body as you move about your day.

You’ll notice how not only can you feel more aliveness in your body and what you choose to do, as well as cultivate the ability to last longer in bed, but how your partner enjoys your amplified desire and craving for her.

This is NOT about no-fap or semen retention.

It’s very important to make a distinction here between what I am talking about and the other practices I do not recommend, such as semen retention or no-fap.

Both of these practices originate from shame and discipline rather than joyful playfulness. They both promote refraining from ejaculation for as long as possible, which is both idiotic and unhealthy. 

Your body is meant to experience pleasure, and ejaculation is an incredibly pleasurable, natural, and healthy activity. What I am promoting here is not about discipline or shame but about an open-minded exploration of your orgasmic potential; there are no “wrong” ways of doing it.

How to move sexual energy 

If you choose to practice surfing the waves of your sexual energy and non-ejaculation, It’s essential to learn how to move sexual energy throughout your body. 

This is because you don’t want to experience the potential discomforts associated with the sexual energy being intensified but “stuck” around your genitals. 

This happening can feel like uncomfortable tension, pain, or lightheadedness and are usually a sign you have some energy that wants to be moved. 

A simple technique involves deep breathing and visualizing a white light moving through your body with your sexual energy.

      • Inhale through your nose, drawing the light and sexual energy from your nose down to the bottom of your pelvis.

      • Exhale through your mouth, imagining the light moving up your spine and returning to your nostrils.

      • Practice that when you self-pleasure, make love, or any other moment that you’re feeling aroused and wanting to move the energy in your body.

    By visualizing this movement of energy, you allow the sexual energy to disperse to different parts of your body instead of concentrating in one place. 

    Becoming Multiorgasmic: A Journey, Not a Destination

    In conclusion, becoming multiorgasmic is not about reaching a goal or destination but rather embracing a more orgasmic life. It involves engaging with each other sexually without focusing on a specific outcome, instead opening up to an orgasmic experience of amplifying pleasure and erotic aliveness

    Becoming multiorgasmic is not just about sexual experiences; it’s about living life in a more sensually open and orgasmic way.

    It’s the understanding that every human experience on the spectrum of aliveness is an invitation from the universe to play, cultivate relationships, and create more aliveness.


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