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You build this confidence around becoming who you are as a person, and not being afraid to be that person. Yeah, sure, you learn some juicy, some fun stuff along the way, which is awesome, and new experiences in the bedroom.

But honestly, who I’ve become as a person – being vulnerable, open and honest with women – it’s a game changer.



Past partner of an Alchemist

I’m just feeling so, so grateful to have this room to experience myself. To experience a connection to someone. And just to know that everything is alright, I have just this feeling of letting go, and it changed me, like for real, it changed my connection to other guys after that.



It’s really refreshing to hear his perspective, because it’s not like all this trickery that you see in some kind of pick up artist communities – where you’re supposed to say a certain thing, and all this kind of nonsense.

It’s about creating authentic and genuine connections with women, which I find really refreshing and very relieving to know that you don’t have to try and be somebody else.