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Develop advanced sexual skills that put you in the top 1% of men in the bedroom.

Are you ready to transform your sex life and become the best lover your partner has ever had?

Or do you want to develop the skills and confidence to attract a high quality partner and create a deeply satisfying sexual connection?

Then I’ve got you covered. 

Introducing a one of a kind training just for you: 

Sensual Alchemy – For Men.

The Sensual Alchemy Course is designed to liberate you into being the man you’ve always wanted to be, in and out of the bedroom.

It is for those who want to enhance their intimacy and connection with their partners, as well as improve their self-awareness and self-confidence.

The course is suitable for men of all ages and sexual orientations, whether you are single or in a relationship. 

What do men say about this course?

"I can honestly say, this changed my life"


"It blew my mind"


"Things that are next level and you can't find anywhere else"


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Step-by-Step Live Demonstrations on Models to Help You Become the Most Incredible Lover

Sensual Alchemy for Men is a comprehensive training program that includes everything you need to become the best lover she’s ever had. From multiple orgasms to maintaining a powerful erection effortlessly, we’ve got you covered.
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Sensual Alchemy: For Men

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

Module 1

Sensual Alchemy

This module is all about how to become a magnetic man.

● Healthy and powerful, masculinity-femininity integration.

● Un-fuck yourself from cultural bs and remove shame and guilt from sexuality.

● Playfulness and how to get anything you want without trying.

● Powerful practices that will 10x your pleasure and last as long as you want in the bedroom.

Module 2

Deep Dive Into The Feminine

● What’s the female #1 sexual organ.

● The 4 areas to master to set your life to magnetize quality women effortlessly with zero pick-up BS.

● What every woman you’ll ever meet absolutely needs to feel in order to open up to you fully and receive pleasure.

● How to lead a deep, interesting conversation with any woman and never run out of things to say.

● The secret reasons why most women crave to surrender and lose control so much.

Module 3

The Art Of Consent

● Mastering the art of consent without ruining the mood.

● How to express your desires constructively and beautifully.

● How total honesty will COMPLETELY change your life.

● One powerful, lesser-known practice to making her feel completely safe with you, instantly.

● And how to create clarity in your communication.

Module 4

Erotic Intelligence

With Live Demonstration

● How to warm her up and “fuck the room open” with your presence and energy.

● How to tap into your deepest most delicious primal desire while creating a heart-centered deep emotional connection with your lover.

● The foreplay king: How to make her orgasm from her neck, lips, and breasts, before you even took her to the room.

Module 5

Pussy Pleasure 3.0

With Live Demonstration

● Different types of female orgasms: the secrets of female anatomy no one taught you in school.

● Discover the 10 most sensitive parts of the female body and how to properly escalate them.

● Most powerful pussy pleasure techniques and combos to make to have your lover scream with pleasure.

● How to make any woman squirt, even if she never squirted before, and never forget you.

Module 6

Sex God Level-Up

With Live Demonstration

● Learn the art of eating her pussy, so you can go downtown confidently and give her mindblowing experiences.

● Breaking through the BS of porn. How to actually fuck in your own style, tapping into your own raw masculine powers.

● The forbidden city. Master the subtle art of anal plays so you can give more intense, fulfilling orgasms to your partner.

Module 7

Power Dynamics (Pt.1)

With Live Demonstration

● 10+ mind-blowing psychological games for more dominance in the bedroom that will make her crave your cock and celebrate your presence with joy.

● How to create a safe space for her so she can completely lose control with you.

● “Fuck my face and show me you love me”: the art of combining pain and pleasure that less than 1% of men know.

● All you need to do to become the leader she desires.

Module 8

Power Dynamics (Pt.2)

With Live Demonstration

● The art and importance of after-care. How to take such good care of her that she’ll never forget you.

● Foreplay for inserting absolute dominance and ecstasy. Leading her to incredible adventures and having her lose control with you.

● How to pin, choke and use your power beautifully to give her unforgettable experiences.

● Spanking and flogging from the masters. What I learned about it from 8 years of BDSM practices.

Module 9

Bondage For Ecstatic Sex

With Live Demonstration

● What’s the #1 best equipment for hot and rough sex?

● How to use rope for ecstasy in the bedroom to form a more profound connection and epic intimacy.

● 4+ knots you must know to absolutely blow her mind and have her melt in your arms every single time.

● How you can use these knots in bed to have unforgettable rough, and fun sex.

Module 10

The Emotional Ninja

● The 4 attachment models. Discover the lesser-known reason your relationships are fucked and learn how to un-fuck yourself.

● How to become emotionally intelligent to form deeper connections and be better attuned to your partner’s needs.

● The most powerful communication tools exist for conflict resolution. Learn to fight well, and you’ll never lose her again.

● How to express yourself openly so you can both have a healthy and vibrant relationship.

Module 11 - bonus module

Full Body Sensual Massage

With Live Demonstration

● Learn a unique and powerful erotic pussy massage practice to blow her mind and body open.

Women pay professionals to get this incredible massage. You will have it in your toolbox.

It is by far one of the most valuable practices you can learn to not only give incredible pleasure but form deep, meaningful intimacy with your lover.

It will help you create a heart connection and healing space of emotional release for her and it will deepen the emotional and heart connection between you.

You'll Love It...
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I’m so confident that you’ll love The Sensual Alchemy for Men course that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Take the time to watch all the modules and enjoy the clear, actionable information.

If you are not absolutely DELIGHTED with the experience, simply email me at [email protected] within 30 days for a full refund of the course fee, no questions asked!

That’s how much we believe in the course’s ability to produce real, positive results in YOUR life.

You have zero risk.

What Other Men Say:

"This had been a game-changer for me"


“I started a relationship with the help of Yuval”


“He's a legend. His Energy Is like nothing else.”


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Your Investment:


30-Days Money-Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked.

Got Questions?
I Have Answers!

Is this course only for men with partners, or can single men participate too?

This course is designed for any man who wants to experience his full potential sexually, intimately, and relationally. Most of the teachings can be practiced with or without a partner.

What if I don't like the course?

I’m confident you’ll love it! But if you don’t, just email me directly at [email protected] within 30 days and i’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Is there a time limit to access the course?

No, you’ll have lifetime access to ״Sensual Alchemy״, and you’ll even receive free updates when new modules are added.

Can I download the video modules, or are they only available for streaming?

The video modules are streamed, just like Netflix or YouTube, so you can watch them on any device without needing to spend hours downloading the course.

Can I watch "Sensual Alchemy" on my mobile phone or tablet?

You can access “Sensual Alchemy” on any device, 24/7. Just log in and click “play”.

Is this course p0rn0graphic?

No, “Sensual Alchemy” is an actionable, educational course designed to bring intimacy and new levels of sexiness to your relationship.

Does "Sensual Alchemy" contain any n@dity?

Yes, there is n@dity in the course so you can learn from real demonstrations with live models.

How will the purchase of "Sensual Alchemy" be displayed on my billing statement?

The charge will show up as “Payment to Yuval Man” on your billing statement.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can join “Sensual Alchemy” with your credit card, with PayPal, and even with cryptocurrencies.

Authentically and Effortlessly Connect with the Women You Truly Desire and Take Them on Unforgettable Sexual Adventures

Hi! I’m Yuval Mann.

I am passionate about helping both men and women add more pleasure and connection to their lives through conscious and connected sex and open communication.

Over the past decade, since leaving the orthodox Jewish community, I have dedicated myself to exploring human sexuality and the art of relating in all its forms, including practices like tantra, kink and BDSM, non-violent communication, and the Japanese rope bondage art of Shibari. 

Along the way, I have learned from great teachers and masters worldwide and participated in and facilitated sex-positive environments and workshops.

sensual alchemy men course masterclass yuval man

My courses are unique in that I do not just teach sexual techniques. I also focus on breaking free from limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning around sexuality.

I teach mindset principles, self-love, and acceptance that are crucial for truly enjoying life, both in and out of the bedroom.

The way you show up sexually with women reflects how you approach everything else in your life.

Simply learning sexual techniques will not take you far enough.Sex is as much about mindset and psychology as it is about physical techniques. I cannot, in good conscience, create a course that only teaches you how to engage in sexual acts.

Instead, I will be showing you how to evolve and become a magnetic man who attracts the right women to your reality.

The way you show up sexually with women reflects how you approach everything else in your life.

Through my course, I will guide you through whatever is holding you back from fully expressing your unique masculinity, helping you become the best version of yourself and fully enjoy your sexual experiences.

What kind of benefits can you expect?

Sexual training is like any other training – you get a lot of physical results, but you also get other important benefits like a more positive outlook on life and greater health.

Training your sexuality is the same.

You can expect physical benefits like

10x your pleasure from sex.

Last as long as you desire in the bedroom and have no problem maintaining an erection.

Feeling more potent and alive in your day to day life.

You can expect emotional benefits like

Enjoying a deeper and more satisfying intimate connection/s.

Feel how your relationship to your body and sexuality are healthier and better.

Stop caring what people think and live a life true to your own beliefs and desires.

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked.

sensual alchemy men course masterclass yuval man

The effect you will have on women you connect with

Mastering your sexuality is not only about you.

It’s also about empowering all the beautiful women who will be directly affected by improving your skills as a lover.

Here are some of what they will experience with you:

Experience unforgettable, powerful, sexual experiences.

Juicy and wet beautiful squirting orgasms.

The joy of being led and surrender to your raw masculine power.

Feeling empowered outside of the bedroom in her daily life and work.

Healing of past sexual experiences.

Craving your closeness (and cock).

Meet Your Guide to Sexual Mastery

Sensual Alchemy for Men is designed to help men become more confident and empowered in their sexuality, attract the right women, and create fulfilling and passionate relationships.

The course includes:

68 video lessons - 21 hours of recorded content!

Live demonstrations on real models

Practical exercises so you can quickly implement what you're learning

The 30-day guarantee so you can try it risk-free!

Lifetime course access - including updates!

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked.