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Unleash Your Inner Goddess & Explore Profound Pleasure

With The Sensual Alchemy Masterclass - For Women

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How we express ourselves sexually is how we experience everything else.​

When your sexuality is abundant, fulfilling, healing and powerful, so are your relationships, health, money, and life.

It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, what I came to realize through my work with women, extensive research, and personal experience, 

is that way too many incredible women in our times are, well, how to say this… deeply under-fucked.

I have given innumerable sessions, had countless conversation, as well as dated and connected with a meaningful number of women,

and the patterns are impossible to ignore. I’ve met; 

Women who have had a few or many traumatic sexual experiences and as a result, carry fear and shame around their bodies and pleasure.

Women who are in sexless or deeply unsatisfying marriages and long-term relationships.

Women who rarely, if ever, experienced truly epic lovemaking and full-body orgasms.

And many, many women who simply feel that there is SO MUCH more to experience sexually than what they have been taught.

This is truly what brought me to create this video course.

This course will help you to:

Re-awaken your body and reconnect with your eros.

Become an epic lover in and out of the bedroom. Give and receive mindblowing pleasure & orgasms.

Tap into your feminine powers and infuse your life, relationship, and work with absolute magic.

Learn the communication skills necessary to express yourself fully with your partner, and create an empowered relationship that deeply satisfies you.

Get all the juicy, unapologetic sexual education you were not given at school in a holistic and well-researched manner.

Access the wisdom of your body, cycle, and intimacy that will help you create a meaningful life as well as safe and healthy connections.

What do women say about this course?

You deserve the epic experience of sexuality.

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Meet Your Guide to
Sexual Empowerment

Sensual Alchemy™ for Women is designed to help to guide you through a journey of self-discovery, enabling you to embrace and celebrate your sexuality. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this course is your gateway to becoming the most empowered and satisfied version of yourself.

The course includes:

54 video lessons - 11+ hours of recorded content!

Live demonstrations to provide you with real, applicable insights.

Practical exercises so you can quickly implement what you're learning

30-day money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free!

Lifetime course access - including updates!

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So What's Inside?

Over 11 hours of video content including uncensored live demonstrations


Module ONE

Your Sexual Liberation

Learn how to become sexually and erotically liberated.

Break free from shame, programming and old paradigms so you can celebrate your pleasure without inhibitions.

Take back ownership of your pleasure so you can communicate it openly and get the deep sex and love you truly desire.

Gain clarity on how to conduct yourself sexually in a wild, free and authentic way.

Lesson 1 / Welcome

1. Intro

2. Why I Created This Course

3. What We'll Cover in This Course

Lesson 2 / Breaking Free From Old Paradigms

4. Shame and Guilt around Sexuality

5. The Cultural Paradigm and How It Ruins Our Lives

6. Body Image

Lesson 3 / Ethical Slut

7. Slut Shaming

8. How To Be An Ethical Slut


Module two

The Wisdom Of Your Body

With Live Demonstration

Rediscover the depth of your feminine powers and reawaken your Eros.

Learn to surf the waves of your sexual energy and use it to thrive in every area of life, work and relationships.

Reconnect with the ancient wisdom of your mensural cycle and how to navigate it with grace.

Experience the magnificent healing power of breast massage.

Lesson 1 / Intro

9. Intro to The Wisdom of Your Body

Lesson 2 / Menstrual Cycle

10. Wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle

11. Contraception

Lesson 3 / Sexual Transmutation

12. Sex Is Not Only Penetration

13. Full Presence - Relaxing Into Orgasmic State

Lesson 4 / Breasts Massage

14. Breasts Massage


Module three

The Art Of Sexual Polarity

Unleash your inner erotic artist so you can navigate any relational and sexual situation in a way that amplify love and aliveness.

Go beyond the conventional wisdom of “feminine and masculine energies” and find your authentic sexual expression.

Learn the delicate art of creating and maintaining mutually empowering and deeply satisfying intimate relationships.

Make your life and relationships and sexuality into a playful dance of discovery and joy.

Lesson 1 / Intro

15. Intro to Sexual Polarity

Lesson 2 / Masculinity and Femininity Beyond Conventional Wisdom

16. Masculinity and Femininity Archetypes

17. Dark and Light Masculinity & Femininity

18. Embracing your Natural Chaos

Lesson 3 / Conscious Relating

19. Coming from a Place of Empathy

20. Conscious Relating and Empowered Coupling

21. Common Fantasies and Traps in Relating

Lesson 4 / Playfulness

22. Not All Men Are The Same

23. Outro on Sexual Polarity


Module four

Communication Mastery

Become a master at communicating and active listening to create the sex, relationships and life of your deepest fantasies.

Learn tools and practical modalities of effectively negotiating desires and boundaries to create safe and erotically juicy sexual experiences.

A deep dive into the core of non-violent communication, the art of active listening and next level emotional intelligence.

Develop a powerful ability to fight well and turn any emotional tension and conflict into erotic aliveness and sexual bliss.

Lesson 1 / Intro

24. How To Get What You Want Without Being An Ass

Lesson 2 / Negotiating Desire

25. Saying NO

26. RBDSM (Relationship, Boundaries, Desire, Sex, Meaning)

Lesson 3 / Conscious Relating

27. Non-Violent Communication

28. IMAGU - The Art Of Fighting Well (Conflict Resolution)


Module five

Sex Goddess Mode: Activated

With Live Demonstration

Become a multi-orgasmic sex Goddess and explore the edges of your orgasmic potential.

Learn powerful breathing techniques to amplify pleasure and regulate your nervous system into sexual bliss.

Get familiar with your body’s map of sexual pleasure and the secret to experiencing more then 13 different types of orgasms (!!)

Learn specific sex positions that will maximize pleasure in all the right places for both you and any potential lover.

Lesson 1 / Intro

29. Intro to the Goddess Mode

30. Activating Goddess Mode

Lesson 2 / Maps of Pleasure

31. Female Anatomy

32. Different Types of Female Orgasm

33. Squirting Orgasm

Lesson 3 / Self Pleasure Mastery

34. Self Pleasure Mastery

35. Essential Toys for Explosive Orgasms

Lesson 4 / Epic Sex

36. Sex Positions to Maximize Pleasure

37. The Magic of Anal Play

38. Breathing Technique for Epic Sex


Module six

The Unforgettable Lover

With Live Demonstration

Study all the secrets to a man’s body deepest pleasure and become a master of pleasure.

Learn how to do pure magic with your hands and give him a mind-blowing hand job.

Discover next level oral sex techniques that are guaranteed to drive him completely wild.

Give your man the most intense orgasms he’s ever had by learning how to skillfully peg him well.

Lesson 1 / Intro

39. Intro to the Unforgettable Lover

40. Male Anatomy

Lesson 2 / How to do Magic with your Hands & Mouth

41. How to do Magic with your Hands

42. Blowjob Mastery

43. Deep Throat Like a Champ

Lesson 3 / Next Level Male Orgasm

44. Anal Play for Men

45. Thoughts About His Love Juice


Module seven

Your Sex Magic

With Live Demonstration

Learn to regulate your partner’s nervous system and gracefully deal with his sexual performance anxiety and performance issues.

Master the art of power dynamics and create the juicy and deeply satisfying. kinky and wild sexual experiences you fantasies about.

Make your pleasure, pussy, womb and sexuality into a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

Study ancient sexual practice such as Jade egg and vaginal reflexology to release stuck emotional trauma from your body and liberate your pleasure and sexuality.

Lesson 1 / Your Sex Magic

46. Intro to Your Sex Magic

47. How to Deal with his Performance Issues like a Queen

48. Introduction to Power Dynamics

Lesson 2 / Becoming Fully Orgasmic

49. Becoming Fully Orgasmic - Body

50. Becoming Fully Orgasmic - Pussy

43. Deep Throat Like a Champ

Lesson 3 / Pussy Healing

51. Jade eggs - The Ultimate Taoists Exercise

52. Vaginal Reflexology


Module eight - BONUS

Full Body Sensual Massage

With Live Demonstration

Learn the life altering art of giving a super juicy, relaxing, healing and pleasurable full body erotic massage to a partner.


53. Sensual Tantric Lingam Massage

Transformation Stories:


“Yuval helped me connect deeper with ecstasy, with my body and my partner”



“I’ve experienced trauma and now, I'm finally able to love myself and open up to men”



"Yuval’s work helped me take my relationship to the next level"


You'll Love It...
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Test-drive the masterclass before deciding if its right for you.

Watch all the modules. Enjoy the clear, actionable information and if you aren’t absolutely happy with the experience, email me at [email protected] within 30 days to have the entire fee immediately refunded. Period.

That’s how confident I am that the sensual alchemy course will produce real, positive results in your life. 

You have zero risk.

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Your Investment:


$197 Only

2305 Alchemists joined

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked.

Why should you learn from me?

Well for once, helping women explore their sexuality, and teaching men my secrets is what I’m doing for a living, so I guess that counts as a relevant experience 🙂

There’s nothing special about me really, I’m a simple man in a complex world. 

While others dedicated their lives to science, painting, or music, I dedicated my life to the exploration of human sexuality in all of its magnificent aspects.

I’ve been traveling the world for over 10 years now, participating (and facilitating) countless sex-positive/kinky events, clubs, workshops, and retreats, all with one objective in mind – 

Bringing pleasure to the masses and ending this wishes cycle of shame, lack information and under-fucked women once and for all.

Yuval Mann

And yes, you can probably find a lot of this information online and yes, if you really dedicate your life to it as I did, you can learn most of it by yourself.

But I’ve yet to see one course or online resource that actually puts it all together with high-quality and easy-to-follow LIVE demonstrations with real women like this course does.

And I haven’t created this alone…

Meet Elsa

This video course is a collaborative project with an incredible teacher named Elsa Douillard.

Elsa Douillard

She’s guiding women to fully embody their femininity through reconnecting with their bodies, sexuality, and inner wisdom through private sessions, workshops, and online courses.

Her curiosity of the human and especially the feminine’s psyche led her to do a degree in psychotherapy and get certified as a feminine leadership coach, but it was the struggles she experienced in her own sex life that pushed her to seek a more embodied path.

In her quest, she dived deeply into conscious sexuality and sacred femininity, receiving teachings and initiations from the Tantric and Taoist paths, mystical dances, studying the female anatomy and how to become autonomous in her gynecological health, working with the magic of plants and finding her way back to her power.

Elsa contributed her vast body of knowledge and embodiment to this course so you can have access to it now from the comfort of your home and tap into your own feminine powers.

Got Questions?

Is this course for me if I am currently single or don’t have a partner?

Yes, definitely. This course is for every woman who desires to experience her full potential sexually, intimately, and relationally. Most of the teachings can be practiced with or without an existing partner.

Do you provide refunds?

Absolutely! I’m confident in the quality of this course, if you don’t like it for any reason, simply write to me directly at [email protected] and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Is there a capped time frame for viewing "Sensual Alchemy" (ex: 3 months) or will I get lifetime access?

You will receive lifetime access to ״Sensual Alchemy״. And you’ll even receive free updates when I add new modules to the course!

Can I download the video modules, or are they only available for streaming?

Just like Netflix and YouTube, the video modules are streamed so you can enjoy it on any device (your laptop, phone, smart tv, tablet) at any time of the day. So you don’t need to spend hours downloading the course – you just click play on the first module and start watching!

Is this course porn?

No, “Sensual Alchemy” is an actionable, educational course designed to bring intimacy and new levels of sexiness to your relationship.

Does "Sensual Alchemy" contain any nudity?

Yes, It has nudity so you can learn from real demonstrations of my real, live models.

Is it possible to watch "Sensual Alchemy" on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, you can watch Sensual Alchemy on any device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just log in and click “Play”. It’s that simple.

How will the purchase of "Sensual Alchemy" be displayed on my billing statement?

You’ll see a charge with the description “Payment to Yuval Man” on your billing statement.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can join “Sensual Alchemy” with your credit card or with PayPal. And to pay with your credit card, you will be prompted to create a PayPal account before checking out.

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Your Investment:


$197 Only

2305 Alchemists joined

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee,
No Questions Asked.

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