Testicle Massage: A Guide For The Men’s Secret Weapon

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Today we are going to talk about testicle massage: a man’s secret weapon to stamina, sexual vibrancy, and prolonged lovemaking. 

We’re gonna talk about the potential benefits and teach you how to do it in a way that will absolutely blow your partner’s mind. 

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What about the science?  

It’s important to mention the scientific research being done on the topic is very limited, as is the case for many topics related to human sexuality.

Nevertheless, much anecdotal evidence has suggested that testicle massage can be incredible for many health and pleasurable reasons. Here are just a few of them. 

Improves blood flow and sexual health

Testicle massage can improve blood circulation and blood flow into the area, which can improve sexual performance as well as general sexual health and sexual energy.

Better blood circulation can also lead to improved sperm production, increased testosterone levels, and even a boost in sexual libido.

This message can also be good for the early detection of testicular cancer as well as potentially assist prevention of testicular cancer overall

There is also some evidence to suggest that testicular massage can help with improving sperm count and testosterone levels, and testosterone production.

testicle massage

Stress relief

It can be a fantastic tool for stress relief, just like any massage. 

Being touched by another body, our nervous system is downregulated, which improves every aspect of our mental and physical health. 

Just like any massage, testicle massage especially has the capacity just to facilitate stress relief, which is an incredible thing if you want to improve your relationship or help your partner feel more relaxed after a hard day at work.

Alleviate discomfort

It can be very helpful when it comes to alleviating a variety of discomforts.

Some men suffer from conditions that cause discomfort in the genitals, from the accumulation of semen over a prolonged period, sitting too much, general stress in life, to tight clothes, and things of that nature.

Massaging that area can alleviate that discomfort and physical tension.

Improve sexual function

Many men suffer from different forms of sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, etc.

One of the things that can assist in overcoming some of their performance issues and performance anxiety is testicle massage. 

As mentioned, testicular massage can improve relaxation and blood circulation, both of which are huge factors when it comes to sexual dysfunctions, and therefore can improve sexual performance as well as sexual health and stamina.


Last but not least is, of course, scrotum massage for the sake of pleasure. 

For many men, this is a highly sensitive sexual erogenous zone, which can be a source of a lot of pleasure.

Whether you do it as a standalone thing, or you are just adding some scrotum action while you are giving him a handjob, sensual massage, or a blowjob, or even adding this as extra stimulation while you are having sex together.

Either way, this is an incredible, additional powerful erogenous zone to touch and stimulate to increase the overall pleasure that your partner can experience with you and therefore make you into an unforgettable lover, which is what I’m all about. 😉

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How to do it?

Let’s get into the instructions on giving your partner a scrotum massage that will absolutely blow their mind.

I’m gonna divide it into two parts: I’m gonna give you general instructions on how to give this massage for health benefits in particular, and then I’m gonna give you detailed instructions on how you can integrate testicle stimulation in your overall sexual activities to increase and amplify pleasure.

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For health benefits – instructions

First and foremost, and as with everything sex, you want to have a conversation with your partner. 

Some men simply don’t like their testicles to be touched at all. A man’s testicles are an incredibly sensitive place, which for some, can mean that they are even too sensitive. 

Think about his testicles as the equivalent of the way you like to be touched, in the most sensitive parts of your body, such as your clitoris, or even deeper in your body, like your G-spot.

Areas that are so incredibly sensitive that being touched incorrectly can feel uncomfortable or even painful. 

To avoid any of that, simply have a conversation with your partner, and ask them what their experiences have been so far when it comes to being touched in their testicles.

Is it something that they do with themselves when they have self-pleasure? If not, are they curious about trying? Etc.

Getting into the testicle massage

      • Find a comfortable place in which you both feel relaxed and spacious, both the physical space, but also is the mental space.
        Do it when the mood is right, and you both have the time to explore without a rush.

      • Before you approach his balls, make sure your hands are warm and clean.

      • Use high-quality massage oil; It can be coconut oil, grape seed oil, or any kind of lubricant you enjoy.

      • Have your partner sit or lay down in a comfortable position. Also, make sure that you, as the massage giver, are comfortable for you to be able to sit there and do it for a prolonged period of time.

      • Start by gently cupping your partner’s balls with one hand just to allow for some support and begin relaxation.

      • With your other hand, use your thumb and index finger to slowly massage his testicles In a circular motion. You can do one and then another, or you can do both of them together, whatever is more comfortable for you and your partner.
        Do it slowly, mindfully, and attentively.

      • Continue massaging your own scrotum for a few minutes, or if you do it for your partner, continue massaging your partner for a few minutes. I would recommend doing it for at least 10 to 15 minutes, if not more.

      • Once you feel your partner totally relaxed, you can end the massage, or if you notice that your partner is fully aroused and you are also in the mood, you can take advantage of the moment and continue into a more sensual sexual activity together.

    Two basketballs hanging in a net bag

    For pleasure – instructions

    All right, let’s talk about a good balls massage for the sake of pleasure! Now, this one you can do either as a standalone or integrate into your handjob or blowjob game and make it much more intensely pleasurable.

    You can also simply add some of the ideas I’m about to share with you when you are actually having intercourse; simply send your hand and give him some of that pleasure. 

    Depending on the position and what is most comfortable for you, some positions allow for your hand to reach his balls, which can add an incredible extra layer of pleasure.

    Every man’s testicles are different.

    Every human being is different, and what one person likes doesn’t necessarily mean that another person will. 

    I know people who told me that touching their balls is just out of the equation whatsoever; it’s just too sensitive. On the other end of the spectrum, some men like their balls squeezed hard.

    There is even a whole section in a fetish that is called “Ball torture,” which uses all kinds of techniques, tools, and toys that are all meant to give the balls intensely pleasurable pain. 

    Then, of course, there is the majority of people who will reside somewhere in the middle. 

    The spectrum is infinite, and it’s important to figure out what your partner specifically likes and start very softly and slowly increase the intensity and playfully before you get into any kind of testicle action.

    Make sure he’s fully turned on

    When it comes to pleasure, It’s generally good advice to make sure that your partner is fully aroused first. 

    Imagine it in your own pussy; you wouldn’t like it if someone would just shove their fingers into your G-spot and start stimulating it very intensely. Before you are incredibly aroused and ready for it. Right? 

    Male and female genitals are very similar to each other. Biologically speaking, male genitals are female genitals pulled outwards. I would say that a man’s testicles and prostate are the equivalent of a female G-spot, more or less. 

    As much as you wouldn’t like someone to come and go straight to your most sensitive part, like a G-spot or your cervix, you need to prepare him for that too.

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    couple, nude, sensual

    Pleasure testicle massage – Instructions 

        • Start by grazing his balls just very lightly with the tips of your fingers. Even by integrating that touch alone, we could increase sensitivity to a high degree; that is a power move on your end 😉

        • After you do some of that, you can experiment with something I like to call “grab and squeeze”. Take your thumb and index finger, grab the root of the balls, where it’s connected to the shaft, and slightly pull downwards, thereby separating the testicles from the shaft.
          This move can also help with premature ejaculation and stops him from ejaculating.

        • Besides that, you can experiment with all kinds of different types of touch: lick his balls, suck them both together, suck them one at a time, blow hot and cold air, whatever feels good. Experiment with it and see what your partner enjoys and likes. 

      In conclusion

      I hope you enjoy this article. If you want to go much deeper into my work, I have video courses that include live demonstrations with my real-life lovers teaching you advanced sexual skills that will make you into an unforgettable lover in and out of the bedroom 👇

      How to do testicle massage?

      If you want to go much deeper and take your sex life to the next level, check out my video courses:

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